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If you are making plans to visit the Florida Keys, more specifically coming to Islamorada to in search of catching sailfish, then you should know about the upcoming tailing conditions.

Sailfish tailing conditions are a unique and special event that occurs when a hard edge appears offshore. This is when the clean and clear deep blue/purple colors of the Gulf Stream find their way adjacent to the light cloudy blue waters off the edge of the reef. In this zone, the sailfish are known to lie and wait for their prey.

They frequent the surface and show their sails and put their backs out of the water in numbers. It has been described as looking like several garbage bags floating on the surface, but they are not garbage at all! They are the much sought after sportfish Atlantic Sailfish (Istiophorus albicans).

Seeing this event in person is a once in a lifetime event for most people. It is enough to get your blood pumping with adrenaline. As the Captain moves into position, he will direct the mate where to pitch live bait to the waiting sailfish. This is a great time of year to book your sailfish trip with us on the ONE LOVE!

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